Thursday, February 25, 2016

Two Android game for sale (includes source code)

There is a two games that you can get for as low as 1$ if you win the auction on Flippa 

 Iron Of Fury

Blast all enemies coming from from all directions and stay alive as long as possible. 
Game includes Construct 2 project, HTML5 game files and Intel XDK project with AdMob banner and interstitial ads. 

You will also receive app transfer. 

Download from Google Play 
Get a source code

Vermin Desert Range  

Another cross-platform HTML5 game packaged for Android using Intel XDK. You have a limited time to eliminated as many vermin as possible and avoid hitting villagers. You will find a hidden bonus items. There is also funny mini quest if you will find a key in the game. 

Download from Google Play
Get a source code

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