I am grooving now to the free and legal DJ mixes and underground indie bands. First I would love to introduce you into . You don't need to register to stream or download great music scores,remixes featuring with such bands like DJ Tiesto,ATB,Andain,Danny Oh and much more.  The Developers API got my catch so you might see some crazy weird music app from me in a future.

Another free MP3 site is that I used a lot before is . This site is mainly for killing some time on flash games and funny flash videos,but also has a huge audio portal. It may take a while to find some skilled artists,but it's a good place to get some music or loop for your projects. Don't need to register for download or stream music. Few artists I would love to mention is Hania, Reasoner, Milkman-Dan , Zircon Music and Jessismith .

Last my new discovery is a collection of Creative Commons licensed albums. It includes music for every taste and after registering you can make own playlist and share it on your website or blog. You can download full albums and donate for the artists since they put a lot of hard work. Some songs really beats the commercial quality. Awws,and yeah you can license the songs for commercial use if you want. If you dont have much free space or don't want to download anything,you can stream online radios divided by genres.

Jamendo offers artists several ways to make money:
  • donations: any user can make a donation to an artist. The minimum amount is 5€. You need to activate donations in your admin page and create a PayPal account to receive the money.
  • Revenue share: jamendo is the only website to offer a 50% share of its ad revenues to the artists.
  • commercial programs: by opting in to these programs, you can gain visibility and money.
Your PayPal account is credited when your virtual account reaches 100€.