Saturday, March 7, 2015

Asus MeMO Pad 172v Fix Charging Problems

I had a rapid drain issues and random charging notifications even no cable was connected. All the problems begin when charging tablet on laptop USB ports and mobile phone 1.0A charger and updating tablet to the latest version 

First you need to download ASUS MeMO ClearData SOP utility from official ASUS support website. You need to extract downloaded ZIP card into MicroSD card and boot your tablet with this card. 

Press Volume Up + Power if you stuck on Asus logo and don't see the blue menu screen. Use Volume keys to navigate and Power button to confirm clearing user data.

Also I noticed there is some problems with Google Play downloads on this tablets. Most apps just freeze on download. You can solve this by going to Settings-> Applications and clearing Download Manager, Google Play services and Google Play Store data. 

Next step is fully discharge and charge the tablet using 2.0A power charger. I am using Kruger & Matz Dual USB 2.1A charger and I am having a good battery life.

I wouldn't recommend some cheap Chinese chargers from eBay,DX,FocalPrice and etc. These may not have actual 2.0A voltage and may come without any overcharging protective circuit boards. And you may set your home on fire if you leave those cheap chargers overnight.
On standby I am getting  3-5 days without charging and in normal use it's a 4-5h hours for surfing the web, checking email and playing some small 2D games and lots of 3D games tends to freeze this tablet. 

How to root this tablet (ME172V) ? 

Use RootGenius . Download Link2SD and get rid of Asus bloatware. 

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