Wednesday, June 29, 2011

List of Android Game Engines

Update 2012-12-23:
There is fresh list that I found on Intel developers blog and big thanks to Jason for a really detailed list
of Android Game Engines 

I was currently searching for these lately and made a quick list which engines are worth your attention.

LibGDX - Java game engine for mobile and desktop game engines. You can make both 3D and 2D games and it's cross-platform so you can make games for all major systems Linux,Windows and MacOS . More information on official page . It's free for commercial use.

WiEngine - a powerful game engine based on Cocos2D. The main website is in Chinese,but examples should help you get started. You can also check the WiAd which helps to add in game advertisements and earn revenue. You need to register to download the SDK.

Papaya Game Engine - This one looks really easy and promising engine. You can also download additional SDKs for in-game payments and online score boards. Quote from original site:

The Papaya game Engine was written entirely in C and is much faster than Java based game engines. We've benchmarked our engine against the competition to make sure it outperforms them all.

Games can be written for Papaya game engine in Python or ActionScript, making it simple for any experienced engineer to start building games immediately.

AndEngine - Has a nice community forums and great tutorials section to get started. Licensed under LGPL and written in Java. Here is some features:

  • Android-Optimized
  • Android 1.6 Compatibility
  • SplitScreen
  • Network Multiplayer
  • Live-Wallpapers
  • MultiTouch
  • Physics-Engine (Box2D)
You can look in Android market for a demo application. 

E3Droid - 2D OpenGL Game Engine. Supports LUA,JavaScript scripting and other goodies.

Here is some more engines to try:

Candroid    Cocos2D-Android  Android 2D Engine  ANGLE   Android 3D Engine  Rokon  Alien3D

Just use the one that fits all your needs ;)


Jason Brownlee said...

Great list!

I've also put together a list of Android Game Engines that might prove useful.

Gintautas said...

Thanks for your great list. You should a quite new ZenGL game engine which helps Pascal game developers to dive into Android games development.