Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remove custom search in Linux Mint

I find a Google custom search rather annoying since it doesn't have a sleek look as the original one so here is few steps how to get back into using normal one.

Mozilla Firefox

Download and install in English. To select it as default for search field click on search engine icon in the search field. Select "Manage Search Engines..."
and move it to the top. Second step is to make it work in the address (URI) field.
In the address field type about:config and press the "I'll be careful..." button. Here type a google in the Filter field.

Now you need to change the the 3 lines:
double click on each field and type (in English) .
That's all you are done! Try to search for something random in address to see if it working :)


Click on wrench icon and go to Preferences. In the Basics options you need to find Search options. Click on the Manage Search Engines button. In a new window you will find a Default search options in the third value field replace a current entry with this one: .

You are done!


I rarely use this,but it's really easy too. Go to Tools->Preferences... -> Search tab. Select Google and click Edit... button. Press Details >> button and replace
Address field entry with

The Linux Mint project is funded from the Ads in custom search engine so make sure you are giving them a donation before removing their search engine.

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