Friday, July 8, 2011

Chrome To Phone alternative for Android 2.1

The Chrome and Firefox has a simply extension to pull links into mobile,but sadly it's not compatible with my phone. There is an free alternative which doesn't requires to have an GMail account,works on Android Eclair and Symbian,Windows Mobile phones and you can pull not only links but also:

  • Geo location on Google Maps
  • Phone Number
  • Calendar Event
  • Contact Information
  • SMS
  • Text
  • Wifi Network login details
It's called ZXing and you can download it from the Android Market or official website. It's a QR Code scanner and you will need to copy the link or text you want and generate the QR code using online QR code generator

QR code of my blog.
Lunch the ZXing app on your phone and it will automatically read the code.

 Now you may wonder how to pull links from phone to computer. It's quite simple,just download an Opera Mini for your phone and turn on Opera Link feature in settings menu. 

Here is some good QR code scanners for other mobile phones.

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