Monday, September 27, 2010


I am doing backup of DevPaks that I was downloaded long time ago using DevC++ IDE. You can download some of these from official website. Since a lot of download links are broken I decided to upload all DevPaks I have on my CDs. All of them are really outdated from year 2004-2007. I would really recommend you to update to Code::Blocks open-source IDE. It's a cross-platform and has really nice user interface. There was an unofficial update to DevC++ called wxDevC++ (comes with wxWindows library),but it's written in same Delphi and was crashing a lot since I last time I was using and moving all the toolbars was a really pain. Also I am glad somebody packed MinGW compiler in really handy way. You can grab it from:

Some are with unknown version in the name since I copied directly from DevC++ IDE.

Some also has mirrored some of the packages and I am sure you can easily search for those in Google.
Also check out this mirror:

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