Thursday, October 6, 2016

Construct 2 Game Templates: Flash Sale

For a limited time you can grab a 10 Construct 2 game templates with CAPX project file included just for a 10$ (1$/Game).

Games included:

Buggy Sprint Optimized for mobile with touch controls. You goal is to swipe left or right to avoid obstacles. The game speed increases as you progress.

Live Preview

Desert Sprint

Tap or click the screen to move your car up and avoid colliding with the rocks. There is three random daytime scenes and gameplay is similar to the Flappy Bird.

Live Preview Racing
Classic avoidance game inspired by 16-bit era classic arcade games with retro graphics. Swipe left of right to avoid collision with incoming formulas and try to reach the longest distance. Gameplay is similar to the Brick Racer an handheld games console game with black and white graphics.

Live Preview

 Glow Tanks

Mobile game with fast paced action. You have to defend yourself from incoming enemies by swiping at the right direction. Try to stay alive as long as possible. The gameplay is similar to Fist of Fury iOS game.

Live Preview
Iron Of Fury

Pure tanks action. Optimized for desktop and mobile. Swipe your tank into four directions to burn down incoming enemies. Game supports keyboard/gamepad and touch input.

Live Preview
 Crabby Jump (Tiny Crab) arcade game with retro feel. You have to jump on sand and make as many moves as you can in 15 seconds. Tap on the water and it's game over. Single tap gameplay optimized for mobiles.

Live Preview

Henny Jump

Another mobile game with same gameplay like Crabby Jump with fresh graphics and new theme.

Live Preview
Henny Drift 

Row row your raft. Tap the screen to drift the raft up and try to swim trough the rocks
without crashing with your raft. Old good Flappy Bird gameplay.

Live Preview

Henny Adventure

Another obstacles avoidance game with four rows to move. You need to collect as many eggs as possible. The game speed increases as you progress and there is a three different zones to play.

Live Preview

Glowy Jump

Mobile game similar to Piano Tiles and Color Tap. You have to tap as many blocks as possible in 15 seconds. Tap on empty space and you will fall down.

Live Preview





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