Monday, July 4, 2011

WM6 Game Development

OMG! It works! :) ZenGL demo with Software rendering mode.

In the Pascal Game Development forums I found that one the easiest OpenGL 2D game engines for Pascal can run on Windows Mobile devices. I checked the demo on brother's Samsung i900 and sadly was only able to run demo in Software Emulation mode. I got only average ~12FPS. I guess I will get more FPS in Windows Mobile emulator :) There is really not much choices of game engines for Windows Mobile 6. Android community has a really way to more options and with much better market ahead.
Samsung Omnia (i900) doesn't have a GPU so it doesn't supports
rendering with OpenGL ES in hardware mode. Also the 3.1" display only has
a 65k colors. This phone only good for checking email,lol

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