Thursday, July 7, 2011

Battle City - Free Remakes

Battle City or Missile Tank 1991 was one the first video games I played. It was coming in with NES/Famicom console clone bundle. Simple game play was pretty addicting and one the best feature in two players mode.
You can watch the video from orginal game.

Anyways after more than 15 years I decided to take a look at PC version of this game and I was really satisfied with games I found. All games are free and full versions.

Tank Commander - A one of the best remakes with great effects and graphics. Has a two players mode and includes 4 different zones and about 40 levels.

Battle Rush -  A 3D clone of Battle City with simply graphics and two players mode. Too bad there is not much levels to play.

Diamond Fighters - A remake for Linux and comes with 30 levels.

Combatant Area - A simple 2D remake with new graphics and two players support.

Battle City X - Really nice clone with original graphics and power-ups. Includes lots of additional levels in
addition to all original levels.

Battle City Tanks - Original game made in Python. You will need to download PyGame and Python to able to play it.

Normal Tanks - A game with nice 3D rendered sprites and single player game mode. Great action packed game. Wacth the gameplay

Post in comments if you find some more :)

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