Thursday, September 9, 2010

Android On VirtualBox

The official Android emulator based on QEMU is really slow and makes me depressed, when it comes to testing real apps. So for that reason I was quite away from testing games development on this OS. Even Windows Mobile 6.5 emulator booted much faster :) Luckily I randomly found a Android-x86 project which tries to port Android for native desktop computers and laptops. You can find some screenshots on their Picasa web album.

I was supper happy since after booting Android from virtual ISO image it loaded maybe 15x faster
than on standard emulator. I was testing older Android-x86 1.6-r2 version which doesn't worked on a real PC. 

Update:  I found another ISO for testing android-x86-eeepc-2.0.iso
which worked just fine on a real PC,but pretty slowly on my widescreen resolution. I decided
to keep using it on VirtualBox emulator only. Lets hope soon to have Android on native x86 architecture Netbooks and UMPC.

More info:

Looking Forward to Android $100 Laptops
and something random: Android powered Washing Machine :)

Running Android on VirtualBox on meh Linux Mint 9.
Now let's have some fun with apps development :)

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